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Teledentistry Video Dental Info

A dental appointment via Teledentistry is the practice of using video-conferencing along with other secure HIPPA protected and compliant electronic technologies that allow for a new patient-doctor relationship to diagnose and provide advice about dental treatment over a distance.

Dental information such as medical history, x-rays, photographs and consent forms are provided and submitted electronically via secure means that will assist  to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental care services.

The Covid-19 Virus is serious.

A Teledentistry appointment will reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for all concerned. If a patient does need to be seen in the office, based on the CDC guidelines, Teledentistry allows for pre-screening to help make critical decisions regarding at-risk patients before they arrive at the office.

  • It also allows the patient to be seen in a timely manner before the conditions worsens.
  • Appropriate medications can be prescribed in order to begin controlling infections.

Teledentistry improves access and delivery of dental care in a timely manner while lowering costs.

A Teledentistry consultation appointment is $40.00

  1. Have the problem evaluated form the safety of your home
  2. Facilitate and expedite the necessary dental services while limiting potential Covid-19 exposures to, patient, community and dental staff.
  3. What can you expect to accomplish from the Teledentistry appointment.
  4. Evaluate the problem the patient is experiencing.
  5. Evaluate their medical history and medications
  6. Determine the urgency to be seen and treated in the office.
  7. Provide the best treatment possible under these conditions
  8. Answer questions related to the dental problem.
  9. The Teledentistry video conference outcome possibilities.
  10. A pre-diagnosis not a definitive diagnosis until seen in the office.
  11. Prescribe medications that will help with the dental problem
  12. Prescriptions will be called into the pharmacy of choice within California or Nevada.
  13. Only non-narcotic meds can be prescribed via Teledentistry.
  14. Provide estimated costs for services needed at the office.
  15. Provide a dental appointment at the office if absolutely needed and appropriate
  16. Make and help with a referral to a specialist when appropriate.

Dr. Mireya Ortega is a general dentist licensed in both California and Nevada with over 30 years of experience.  

Dr Ortega is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and Better Business Bureau.

There are some specific requirements including equiptment.

Email address, cell phone and a computer with a web camera will be required to provide a Teledentistry appointment.

Request a Teledentistry consultation by:

Call 530-541-7040

during office hours, Monday through Friday, 9 to 3PM.

OR Request an appointment, Click here to proceed with a Teledentistry consultation.

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